12 Dozen Egg Cups  Jan 2014 - June 2015

Producing 144 egg cups in 12 months alongside illustrator Alex Brady. Project themed around perceptions of design, taste and skill.

"In October 2013 Dave Briggs and Alex Brady committed themselves to make 12 dozen unique egg cups out of ceramics. Both Dave and Alex had little experience working with clay. From this perspective it is easier to imagine what might be possible, like a child might dream of inventions that could never be produced. The idea was to redesign the whole egg-eating experience.

A set of fixed variables were decided in order to focus exclusively on the creative process itself. As most people know, traditionally eggs are sold in a pack of 12 in the UK (otherwise known as a dozen). 144, or a dozen x a dozen, was chosen as the number to make. Although they ended up overrunning on their schedule, a time period of 12 months was originally set to ensure Alex and Dave weren't too precious about the design and making process. It allowed for quick thinking and evaluation, like a visual brainstorm.

'Most egg cups are dull and don't do the job as well as they could, even though we're not professional ceramicists or product designers, we know we can do better because we aren't tied to the conventions of experts.' "

Role: Artist

Venue: N/A