The Fading Afterglow of Creation  April 2015

Artefacts from an imagined future. The exhibition aims to analyse how we see, and where we place ourselves in an increasingly technologically-driven world. Collaboration between Dave Briggs and Jack Squires, who both produced individual pieces as well as curated the show. Production assistance from Phoenix Square and Interact Labs.

"In this exhibition Dave Briggs engages in a dialogue between invention, consumerism, and everyday human experience. His pieces in this show have been developed by tracing back, and then forward again along a new alternative timeline of electric sensory extension. Although these ideas have been designed with a contemporary audience in mind, they also aim to fulfil the dreams of inventors of the past. By combining off-the-shelf products in new experimental ways, Dave is offering us a new contemporary way of living.

'Jupiter's Helmet' was designed find out tomorrow's weather using the sense of smell. This fully automated piece will emit the aroma of a summer's day if the weather is going to be fair the following day, and the scent of winter berries and cinnamon if it is forecasted to rain.

'Junk Mailbox 1.0' is a physical representation of Dave's own junk mail. Every time he receives a junk message the door will automatically print the email to reside in the space.

The third piece, titled 'I Need to e-Scape' is a window into another world, tailored towards the desires and needs of the viewer."

Role: Artist

Venue: Interact Labs, Phoenix Square